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Plant Box Initiative

We’re creating our products with sustainability in mind

Reuse, Reduce, Recycle with our Plant Box Initiative!

Our new Initiative program is entering its final phase of implementation with the release of Plant Boxes, which are designed from leftover materials generated during our jobs. Mastercraft Flooring focuses heavily on environmental aspects when producing timber flooring products; 2.5 billion tons per year in Australia alone end up as waste! That’s why we created this initiative – so you can make your home greener and more ecofriendly by using them instead for decoration or something else entirely different like compost material (we know what they’re good at!).

Our Aim

Our aim? To give people throughout Oz access not only to beautiful pieces but also opportunities to lessen their environmental impact.

We’ve set out to make an ecofriendly product that would allow us to use up our wasted timber. Which we source from the most environmentally conscious mills in the industry, ensuring responsible processes and resulting in high-quality plant box for you!



  • Ecofriendly
  • Environmentally safe plant box
  • No cost to the environment
  • Help reduce wastage

Our team volunteers spend time once a month so that you can purchase one for your home, and all proceeds go towards an organization or foundation focused on sustainable forest!

Join the Plant Box Initiative

If you are interested in looking for plant box ideas, look no further. Join our initiative today by purchasing an ecofriendly plant box.

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