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We are experts in levelling concrete slabs for timber flooring.

Floor Levelling in Melbourne

When fixing engineered timber floorboards onto a concrete slab, it’s important to make sure the slab has been prepared beforehand. Fortunately, the Mastercraft Flooring team can provide professional concrete floor levelling in Melbourne. We’re fully qualified and highly experienced at levelling new and old concrete slabs, especially when they’re uneven or poorly finished. Whether you’re installing engineered timber floorboards for a brand new property or you’re renovating an existing property and want to upgrade the flooring, our concrete levelling and floor grinding contractors can help.

How is Concrete Levelled?

The process of preparing a concretes lab and levelling timber floors involves using concrete grinders to reduce the size of humps in the slab and using sanders on existing timber floors. Our concrete grinding in Melbourne is done primarily to ensure a smooth and level surface. By fixing defects and creating more even surfaces, we can reduce or prevent issues with laying the floor. If your slab has a variance of height exceeding the maximum recommended tolerance for laying engineered timber floors, the slab will need to be prepared with concrete levelling.

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