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We specialise in engineered timber flooring, located in Melbourne, Australia.



We are strongly focused on the environmental aspects of the timber flooring and products we use, working with suppliers such as Havwood’s who source their timber from environmentally responsible mills, the most intensively managed in the world, ensuring responsible eco-conscious processes and resulting in a high quality finished product.

Did you know… and Why we care…

  • It is well known that trees are the true legends of our planet, filtering harmful pollutants into the oxygen we breathe. It’s crucial that we look out for them as they do for us, creating environmental sustainability.
  • A single tree can absorb as much as 48 pounds of CO2 a year making trees the most effective carbon capture machines we have available. CO2 emissions are the principle cause of climate change.
  • Forest’s will reach a climax, At this stage new trees only grow as others fall, the dead and dying trees emit CO2 from the stored carbon and, since growth is only matched by decay, there is no net increase in carbon storage.
  • Harvesting trees as they mature allows the carbon to be stored throughout the life of the wood product, and the market for wood provides an economic incentive to preserve and replant.
  • Smarter use of wood products will stimulate the expansion of the forests and so reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Precious Oak used in your engineered flooring boards is only applied to the top layer 3-6mm to maximise their usability, the substrate of the board utilises fast growing plantation timbers that are all sustainably Harvested.

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We offer a free consultation to help you get a better idea of the floor you desire, please get in touch to find out our latests range in engineered products.



Our flooring is engineered to create high stability yet maintain the appearance of solid timber flooring.


This service is essential to ensure a smooth level surface that has been prepared correctly to suit environment and substrate.


View our projects to see how our specialty cladding transforms spaces.


We are experts in parquet, a geometric mosaic of wood pieces used for decorative effect in flooring.


We specialise in deep floor cleaning as maintenance is essential to ensure floor longevity.



Quality Craftsmanship is the result of creating with passion, care, and attention to detail. It is a quality that is honed, refined, and practiced over the course of a career.



A timber floor will add character to any space and give it a personality of itsʼ own. At Mastercraft we see every space as a blank canvas. We start by creating our own pallet of colours and then select each individual board to define a natural flow, making the timber feel like it belongs and each time creating a new space of art.
Although timber flooring is manufactured to tailor for our lifestyles itʼs a completely raw and organic material, and the beautiful part is that we get to bring it to life.
We pride ourselves in providing outstanding Craftsmanship and we love it!


With over 20 yearsʼ experience as a carpenter Oliver has been involved in a wide range of projects. An early apprenticeship in Ireland led to employment with global shop fitting company Mivan.
Oliver honed his craft on jobs such as the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh, Royal Caribbean Cruise Liner fit-outs in the Bahamas and a chain of hotels situated throughout Europe with a focus on Bars, Restaurants and of course timber floors!
Oliver migrated to Melbourne in 2011 where he set up MasterCraft Flooring, and continues to raise the standards in the Timber Flooring Industry.



  • Engineered timber supports Environmental Sustainability producing many more planks, less wastage and better use of slow-growing trees.
  • Engineered wood floor creates a highly stable core that is less likely to expand and contract when exposed to moisture and humidity.
  • Engineered flooring can be directly fixed to any substrate including a concrete slab using a trowel glue method.
  • Engineered boards are straight and flat and will lay with ease.
  • Engineered board can be re sanded and polished.

A solid hardwood floor on the other hand tends to have more defects and bows in the boards requiring more work in the installation process. For example; installing a hardwood floor on a concrete slab would initially require a layer of ply. This method is used to staple the boards, pull them straight and includes trowel gluing.

Engineered floors have a more stable substrate and individual planks can be much wider than Solid hardwood floors. The engineered board can also be looked at as a condensed version of plywood and hardwood, resulting in a much more efficient process by eliminating labour and material.

Cleaning your floor regularly is a good place to start, weʼd suggest:

  • First vacuum any loose dirt or grit to avoid wear and scratches and use an electrostatic mop which glides over easy.
  • Do not under any circumstances use any bleach, ammonia or caustic based cleaners (e.g. regular household cleaners like Domestos and White King) as they can weaken the coating, will possibly cause colour distortion and there is a high likelihood of staining.
  • Use felt pads for protection under all furniture, door mats provide extra protection in high traffic areas. Fats, including oils and other greasy foods can be extremely penetrating and can leave permanent marks.
  • We strongly recommend avoiding leaving any spills of this nature. Clean up immediately using one of the “spot” cleaners by WOCA. Alternatively use a mild sink detergent or a 1-part methylated spirits or vinegar to 4 parts water mix as a one-off cleaning method.


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