Why Us

Our motto is “Quality Craftsmanship, on Time on Budget” and we mean it. We take our work seriously and we simply love to make our customers happy. We achieve that with these three things:

Quality Craftsmanship

Most flooring installers struggle when dealing with high-maintenance customers who complain about wanting every little thing a certain way. I welcome those kind. Are you a persnickety, demanding hard-to-please person?
Are you the kind of person that sends your dinner back to the kitchen three times if it’s not exactly right? Well you know what…
I’m exactly the same way.nWhen it comes to installing floors in your house, basement, sunroom, kitchen or whatever, thats exactly how I’ll be.
I deal well, very well, with people who like things exactly perfect. We only use the highest quality materials. We only use craftsmen and lead installation to insure you get a time proof, worry proof regret proof final product.
If that sounds like the kind of person you are, then we have installers for you

Projects Finished On Time

Ever thought you’d like to install a floor? From the time we start until we complete, your project takes us exactly the time we said it is going to take or less
Some guys will take much longer than the time they promised! WHO has the time or patience for that?
If you don’t mind living in squalor for a month or more… call those other guys.
If you want it worry free within time we promised… we are the installers for you!”

Being On Budget

If you’re thinking about installing floors to your home, one of the problems people have is that it’s STRESS INDUCING: The cost comes in TOO high, it takes too long to find a contractor, people don’t show up, all these problems that could go wrong.
At Mastercraft Flooring we make every step completely WORRY FREE!
First, we give you a GUARANTEED price in writing for your floors… and if we run into additional costs during the installation, those costs are on us.
And second, we’re the only flooring company that offers a 100% no tricks, no BS, no fine print, no gotcha’s, full warranty on every floor we install.
 Our guarantee is good for as long as your house is standing!
Contact us today to find out more about how we can help you.