Floating Flooring

What Is Floating Flooring And When Should I Use It?

There are many great advantages to floating flooring. Floating flooring is particularly useful for people who are renovating a home for sale or who have other reasons to re-floor a home quickly. Floating hardwood provides for terrific quality and gives you a lot of maintenance advantages.

Let’s look at some of the basics of floating flooring and what makes it different:

- Floating flooring takes its name from the fact it does not need to be nailed down or glued.

- Because no adhesive agents are necessary, floating floors are both fast and easy to install.

- The individual boards of the floor are fully “locked” together in place, like a jigsaw puzzle.

When Is The Best Time To Use Floating Flooring?

Floating flooring is a terrific choice for Melbourne residents, particularly those who are looking to change up the floor in the basement. While many parts of Melbourne deal with concerns about humidity, basements are particularly vulnerable to long-term floor damage; moisture can collect over time with nowhere else to go.

Floating flooring helps to resist this damage!

Since your floating floor floats up above the underlayment or subfloor that lies beneath it, it is easy to install a “guard layer” of anti-moisture material between the wooden boards and the subfloor. This will go a long way toward extending the life of your floors.

Likewise, the construction of floating flooring gives it the advantage of readily contracting or expanding as the moisture level in the room changes. Since each board responds to the motions of every other board, warping and cracking become much less likely.

Floating Flooring Can Be A Great Budget Or Emergency Option

If you only have a relatively short time to completely change your floors, then you will want to look at floating hardwood first. While floating hardwood floors come in a great variety to suit your needs, they are usually the fastest to install among the most common flooring options.

At MasterCraft Flooring, our experts go above and beyond to ensure that your flooring is laid to the highest specifications and will last a good, long time. Our team members agree, however, that floating flooring can be up to 50% faster to install than most alternatives.

At MasterCraft, we look forward to helping you get the beautiful flooring you’ve always wanted.

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