Oliver Davis timber flooring MelbourneAt MasterCraft Flooring we pride ourselves in providing quality products and services at affordable rates. Finding the right floor can be quite a challenging job, with so many choices on the market today.

We ensure job Satisfaction with our installation team of qualified timber flooring specialists.

MasterCraft Flooring is a trusted name in timber flooring in the Melbourne, Australia area. Owned and operated by craftsmen from the Melbourne region, in consultation with experts from all throughout Australia, we make quality timber flooring accessible to our customers.

When it comes to providing you with the best service available, we have two goals:

- Giving each and every customer the best in handcrafted timber flooring to meet their needs.

- Providing that flooring at an exceptional price that helps you satisfy your renovation budget.

Timber Flooring Is A True Example of Authentic Australian Style

Genuine Australian timber flooring is a great way to distinguish your home, whether you want to grow its resale value or help ensure that it will be beautiful for many generations to come. That’s one reason MasterCraft Flooring has brought together the best timber flooring experts under one roof.

Throughout the entire process of introducing timber flooring to your home, we make things easy:

1. We Provide A Free Consultation And Quote

Before you make decisions about timber flooring in your home, you deserve to be fully informed about options, prices, and the details of the project. To make sure you’ll choose with confidence, we provide a consultation and a quote customised to your needs.

2. We Employ Only The Best, Most Highly Trained Timber Flooring Installation Experts

When it comes to installation, we show your home and property the utmost respect. Our goal is to efficiently and correctly install your floors to the exact specifications the job calls for. Your satisfaction is guaranteed when you work with MasterCraft Flooring.

3. We offer a full selection of wood flooring to match any decor:

- Solid Hardwood Flooring

- Floating Flooring

- Engineered Flooring

- Bamboo Flooring

When it comes to your home’s overall look and comfort, nothing is more important than your flooring. That’s why you should only trust flooring to the most competent professional experts.

Call  0410 710 006 or email MasterCraft Flooring today to discover more about what we can do for you.